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Wotz New? Archive ~ 2001

20th December 2001
his just in!  Wendy DeWitt is playing the blues ... and some boogie-woogie in the North Bay this month:

20 Thursday, Saloon North Beach, San Francisco. 9:30 with Johnny Ace, filling in for Cathy Lemons 
21 Friday, Saloon North Beach, San Francisco. 9:30 with Ron Hacker and the Hacksaws 
22 Saturday, Saloon North Beach, San Francisco. 4 - 8 with Broadway Tucker and Dave Workman 
27 Thursday, Saloon North Beach, San Francisco. 9:30 with the Steve Freund Band 
31 Monday, No Name Bar, Sausalito. 9 - 1 Happy New Year! 

18th December 2001
usic News!  NoŽlle Hampton is playing tomorrow, Wednesday, night at the Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco,  with the ever fabulous Jessica Will.  This is the last show of the year, and NoŽlle and Andrť would love to see you there.  It'll be a great night of music--

15th December 2001
One of the problems about being an "ex-pat" is that sometimes you're reminded about something that you really miss from the "Old Country" ~ that just happened to me today.  I really miss Smokey Bacon Crisps!  I made the mistake of checking out the latest affiliate (link below) so I've ordered half a dozen bags.  As well as McVitie's plain wholemeal biscuits ... and Jaffa Cakes ... talk about impulse buying!!

British Food Delivered Worldwide

14th December 2001
Have added about 30 pages to the games section (outlines only at the moment) but will be fleshing them out over the next couple of weeks and adding another section covering 'independent' and other games ...

4th December 2001
Sadly - main news today is the Internet is Under Attack again ... this time by a virus with a really bad payload:

To do something about protecting your computer ...
** VIRUS ALERT - W32/Goner@mm **

to check for information on this worm ...
Goner Info.

On a happier note, some "Live Music in the Bay Area" news ... No Name Bar, Sausalito, Wednesday evening 5th December, Elaine Dempsey is visiting, and Friday evening 7th December at the Noe Valley Ministry 1021 Sanchez St. between 23rd and Elizabeth Streets,  its a special performance from Noelle Hampton and friends - doors open 7:30 pm,  Show 8:15 pm,  $12.00 entry.

3rd December 2001

Very pleased to be accepted as an affiliate of Paradise Nature Publishing ...

Start your nature and wildlife art collection today

... and undertaking an experiment with a webcam, will eventually end up as a "tree cam" in the photo section of The Parlour but over the next few weeks the image ( may or may not ) be here ...

Somewhere out there!

29th November 2001
Very sad to learn that former Beatle George Harrison died at a friend's home in Los Angeles at 1:30 pm today.  He will be missed.  The link leads to the album "Small World Big Band" published in the UK a few months ago and which features George Harrison's most recently published song "Horse to the Water".

26th November 2001
irus Alert!  Received an email and here's the link ...

 ** VIRUS ALERT - W32/Badtrans@MM **

 Update your friendly local anti-virus program asap!!

W32/Badtrans@MM is a mass-mailing worm that drops a
remote-access Trojan. The virus arrives via the Microsoft
Outlook email program and attempts to send itself by replying to unread email messages.

20th November 2001
s usual, forgot to pop in with a follow-up ... the fog drifted away and the haze disappeared, so I did get to see some spectacular displays early Sunday morning.  Just received an email from EB Games (another shameless plug to help subsidize the site *grin* ) they have a game creation system out ... I haven't had time to check on it yet but here's the link anyway.  Still hot off the press!   EB Worlds

17th November 2001
Spectacular celestial firework display expected in the wee small hours of Sunday morning ... be nice if the Bay Area fog and cloud cover would drift away so I could have a gander also ... more details at MSNBC 

p.s. almost forgot .... Harry Potter Links

14th November 2001
Just subscribed to a one year service to allow remote operation of my home PC from any internet connected computer while I'm 'on the road' for about $10.00 per month.   As I run a small multi-user game and a server utility that allows other players to see who else is running servers, I have to keep an eye on things.  There's a free trial for one month, but it worked well enough that I subscribed early ... check it out here ...

GoToMyPC Free Trial

5th November 2001
New Pink Floyd CD released ... Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd

2nd November 2001
Lots of news to catch up on!

Games-wise, Wizardry 8 will be available at stores November 15th ( You can link to the official site or pre-order from EB games).  This is grrrreat news, this particular Sir-Tech game has been long-awaited! 
 *** (Download the Demo) ***

Music news, Cole Tate is playing at in the East Bay at The Baltic, Pt. Richmond tonight for happy hour 5pm to 7pm.  Next Thursday (and remaining Thursdays in November he will be back here in Marin County at The Waterstreet Grille, Sausalito from 7:30 to 10:30pm (and not the Sand Dollar Restaurant, Stinson Beach as I stated earlier in error.)

23rd October 2001
Considerably busy this past weekend, working on revisions of most sections of the site.  Owing to "re-construction" at bCentral, some of my 'sponsor' links are no longer valid, so I am gradually replacing them.  I don't normally add a sponsor "plug" to the news, but here's a banner from a new company that may provide you with an unusual gift idea or two, or three or four lol!

18th October 2001
Cancellation notice just received via Noelle Hampton, from Hotel Utah ... so, sorry no "Songwriter in the Round" ...

5th October 2001
Noelle Hampton October dates ...

SUNDAY, 7TH  -- PARKSIDE -- San Francisco
1600 17th @Wisconsin
We are playing as a duo in the late afternoon for their barbecue. This is our buddy's restaurant in Potrero Hill. You should come down and see what a great little spot it is!! Wonderful food and a great neighborhood vibe. See you there!!

SUNDAY 21ST -- HOTEL UTAH --   San Francisco
Bryant @ 4th St.
Singer/ songwriter night from my amazing group song writing class with Bonnie Hayes!!
We will do a songwriter in the round, and everyone is kick ass, so please don't miss this!!
8:30pm? Time is a little unknown at this point - better to call that day.

News Media


The Globe & Mail

Le Figaro

Der Spiegel

The Glasgow Herald
The Scotsman

Daily Telegraph

Coastal Post
New York Times
San Francisco Chronicle

29th September 2001

Found an excellent site for hard-to-find vinyl or CD's , here's an example of Pink Floyd products available.  Also related to music ~ do you want music posters?
 Click here for over 5000 hard to find promo and concert posters.

24th September 2001

I received an email from David Allen, former CEO of Artifact Entertainment letting me know he's "alive and well and extremely busy".   Interesting link associated with his message was to a place-marker on a new web-site with the domain name .

Later on 11th September 2001 ...

"It's the end of the world as we know it ..."

Early on 1th September 2001 ...
Thanks Thorson ~ just had to add this for all the other Sasquatch out there .... @

1st September 2001
Labor Day weekend has rolled around again, never seems to be enough time to do the things I want to do on the site!

Music news ... NoŽlle Hampton and company are playing at Sweetwater, Mill Valley tonight and The Cole Tate Trio plays at the Sand Dollar Restaurant, Stinson Beach tomorrow evening.

Games-wise I've now learned of a number of independent games either "in progress" or "released" so I will set up a page with links, I am always interested in different RPGs !

Two new storefronts set in place, the Library for computer books and the Laboratory for computers and accessories.

20th August 2001
Decklin's Blues Basement has been around for a while, but under pressure from various sources added a more general music store also ... calling it Decklin's Music Hall unless I can think of something better soon :)  Both are accessed from my main music page.  Yes - I get a modest commission from sales but I have to do something to try and offset the cost of running this site don't I?  Let me know what you think of them ... email

17th August 2001
Completed modification of a Perl script obtained FREE from BigNoseBird that replaces the ListBot newsletter mailing list sign-on used for "Decklin's Domain" and "Demise goes Public" newsletters.  Thanks to Mithrandir for testing the management console for us .... so far everything seems to be working well!

7th August 2001
Cole Tate schedules for August include a LEO Birthday Party at the Sand Dollar, Hwy 1, Stinson Beach California on Friday August the 10th approx. 6:30 pm till whenever ... then remaining Thursdays at the Sand Dollar, remaining Fridays at Tonic, Polk and Union, San Francisco ~ "happy hour" 6pm to 8pm and the Cole Tate Band (3/4 of them anyway ... ) at the Sand Dollar Labor day weekend ... specifically Sunday 2nd September!

31st July 2001
Sadly neglecting the Wotz New department lately!  Received NoŽlle Hampton's August schedule today, which has been duly added to her page "here"!

21st June 2001
Surprise announcement today from David Allen of Artifact Entertainment ..

It's been a long 4 years in the life of DEMISE - the work and effort, blood and sweat that has gone into the development of the game still lingers with me; however as you know, I have now set my focus on Artifact's next massive project, HORIZONS. Unfortunately, due to the fact that our investors are only interested in our completion of HORIZONS, we have no funds or manpower to support or patch DEMISE. While from a business point of view, I supported and understood the decision, on a personal level I feel obligated to the DEMISE community to do whatever I can to continue supporting the players who have made DEMISE the great game it became.

It is for this reason that we have decided to release DEMISE as open source to the public. It is our hopes that this decision will keep the game alive, and allow the players to evolve the game into what they always wanted it to be.

Exactly when we're going to release the source is still in the air; but it will be soon - we have to put together some legalities relating to the release, as well as the source itself.

I will keep everyone up to date as to the status of the preparation of the source release, and inform the DEMISE community of the projected release date shortly.

20th June 2001
Lots of music news today, see email from Wendy DeWitt below.  Cole Tate has gigs a'plenty too including a 'new' venue, Water Street Grille, 650 Bridgeway, Sausalito (formerly Houlihans) on Saturday June 23rd 8.30pm to 11.30pm  and a headline appearance of The Cole Tate Band at Sweetwater, Mill Valley on Thursday June 28th at 9pm.  Eugene Huggins plays from 6pm to 9pm Saturday and Sunday June 23rd and 24th at Saylors Landing also in Sausalito ~ finally NoŽlle Hampton will be at Sweetwater, Mill Valley on Saturday June 23rd also.   

Hi Folks -

Tonight I'm at the No Name in Sausalito from 8-11. Solo boogie and blues,
including a couple of new things, but what I'm really wanting to tell you is this...

Special event:

Monday, June 25th
Biscuits and Blues - Mason St. in San Francisco, one block west of
Union Square

Benefit for Red Archibald

Our buddy is down with a pretty serious ailment and we want him to know we
are thinking about him.
The show features a whole lot of Red's friends including Steve Freund, R.J.Mischo and me, and for the whole skinny on Red's very interesting musical past, and more on this show, go to


If the links won't automatically click for you, just copy and paste into your browser.

See you soon!

With love - Wendy

11th June 2001
An interesting weekend following some problems with the Artifact Entertainment site and the news that Utildayael, one of the only A-E employees still actively looking after the official Demise boards, has been "let go" ... given the past history with the company's struggles there's an air of gloom over the boards.  On a more positive note, the winners of the Scavenger Hunt have been announced ~ congratulations Sortiri, KC and Greg!!

6th June 2001
A few days ago our attention was drawn to yet another struggling multiplayer game company and we've added a link on to the cork board so you can get an update on Dragon Fantasy ... !!

31st May 2001
Well - first opportunity to edit this web in over a week due to "upgrades" by the host service.  The Scavenger Hunt was extended several times but it is now "officially" over.  Hope to get the results posted within a few days.

20th May 2001
Frantic weekend!  Planned Decklin's Scavenger Hunt around Active Server Pages (ASP) - which "The Pub" chat room also uses, and my host's ASP server crashes Friday evening and doesn't come back up till a few hours before midnight last night!  Anyway - its up, I'm late but at least it may get underway by Noon today.  Here's the link to "The Rules" which will take you on to the competition if you click the pumpkin!  If you want to skip the rules and dive right in here's the link to Decklin's Scavenger Hunt!.

5th May 2001
Completed my first attempt at a chat room which is now accessible from the parlour menu. Working on the next DEMISE "get-together" which will be on 20th May.  Other "Work In Progress" includes a guest book, calendar for the music pages, maps for the venues and transporting some of the content over to  More Music News .... Cole Tate has his own web-site starting up "here"!

26th April 2001
Two musical news items ~ Cole Tate performs at Tonic, corner of Polk and Union Streets, San Francisco this Friday and again at Saylors Landing, Sausalito this coming Sunday from 6:00 to 9:00.

Late breaking news from Noelle Hampton ~ see this email about the California Music Awards:


We know it's pretty last minute (what's new), but it has just been
confirmed that Noelle and the band will be performing at the California
Music Awards this Saturday night at the Henry J. Kaiser Arena in
Oakland.  We'll be playing one song around 8pm, plus Noelle has been
asked to present an award later in the show.  Part of the proceeds for this year's show
will go to the Oakland School for the Arts. Tickets are still
available--call Ticketmaster at (415) 421-8497, or go online to         Ticket prices are $135 (floor seating),
$65, $35, and $25.

Also, if you're up early tomorrow (Friday) morning, Noelle and Andre
will be appearing on KNTV San Jose, and WB SF for the morning show.  We
should be on around 7:45am.

Thanks for all your support--Wish us luck!

Noelle and Andre

15th April 2001
Music pages are being worked on today ... adding four venues and including photographs of John Lee Hooker's Boom Boom Room and The Saloon, San Francisco ~ Cafť Amsterdam, Fairfax and Sweetwater Saloon, Mill Valley.
13th April 2001
Spotted this on the official DEMISE boards, for those of you who, like me, missed the "ALL YOUR BASE ARE TAKEN" fad you can catch up by looking at click on 'for the uninitiated' then 'the original movie' ...

8th April 2001
Of course I forgot to update this section in a timely manner .... the DEMISE experiment turned out to be moderately successful, although not in the manner expected!  We had 10 people on the full server and over time five on the demo.  Some of the people brought companions, there was a fight ... and the rest is history! (Photos are here.) 

7th April 2001
Busy day working on cosmetic improvements just about everywhere, FreeDrive changing its behavior - no more "free" 50M of drive space, now its 20M and if you want more with less adverts you have to pay!  Big DEMISE experiment tomorrow, see how many players I can get on the server at one time .... will take 'group photo' *grin*!

6th April 2000
My vote for the best site of the year so far ....
If you haven't got flash on your browser yet this site alone is worth the download.

28th March 2001
New CD from the Cole Tate Band is due very soon, got a copy of the cover art and added it here.  Also set up newsgroups for my DEMISE friends and for the Cole Tate Band.

25th March 2001
New Domain
~, hosted by, made it through all the Network Solutions  configuration processes just after 5pm this afternoon.  Front Page publishing worked well and a 'mirror' of the site is now at either or  this site will be used for custom cgi, asp, java and anything else I can think of that I can't do on the current *.com host.  Eventually the two sites will be integrated - the chat facility will be on *.net as will the forums.

24th March 2001
Caught most of the last set, NoŽlle Hampton and company at Cafť Amsterdam, Fairfax.  The band have been working hard the past few days on a 5 track demo CD.  Took a few photographs to see if the simple analog camera I have is useful for inside shots.  Still unable to up-date the main site.

23rd March 2001
Guess what - Site Manager is now suggesting 26th March as the time when Front Page extensions will be re-enabled!  We'll believe that when we see it!

21st March 2001
OK - can't deal with being unable to fiddle with the site on a daily basis - registered the *.net and *.org names with Network Solutions and signed up with LooseFoot hosting.  Will give me a back-up and a host that will let me play more!

20th March 2001
Great disappointment - Site Manager is 'up' - but Front Page extensions not enabled .... they say 23rd!

18th March 2001
Still unable to up-date the site - notice up suggests a couple more days ...

16th March 2001
St. Patrick's day at Smitty's - Caledonia Street, Sausalito.  Cole Tate Band and Eugene Huggins performing in their usual professional manner - a quiet start to the evening built up to a resounding 'finish' - graced with the appearance of no less than three Elvis Presleys amongst the usual amazing Smitty's crowd.

15th March 2001
NoŽlle Hampton has been nominated for the 2001 California Music Awards for Best Female Vocalist!!  Vote online at
  Site problem: unable to update the site due to what must be a major upgrade/overhaul of "Site Manager" - the basis of the bCentral system.  Site was unavailable for six hours, and then was available but could not be edited.   No information as to why or when - not very good customer relations in my opinion!

14th March 2001
Worked on the games pages this evening, adding a couple more book links to The Bard's Tale section and arranging links to the forums.  Decided there was already a neat forum at the Black Smoke Inn so I provided a link for that for Bard's Tale fans.

13th March 2001
Neglected to update this section for a few days, been busy with a lot of little cosmetic changes.  Re-arranged the music pages, ready for expansion and added Decklin's Blues Basement ... always wanted a record store :]  You can visit it here!

9th March 2001
Here's an interesting news item I received from Moreover ...

Don't let the Web bugs byte
* Some companies are placing invisible Web bugs on  their site which can do anything from track your  movements to invade your files for personal  information. Read up on this strange phenomenon and  the tools to combat it.

8th March 2001
Changed the visitor's book from a 'forum' entry to a 'true' guest book ~ using
Couldn't resist adding 'Curious George' to the page @.

1st March 2001
Added footers to many pages, realizing also that I should add 'Meta' tags to ensure page descriptions are correct ... the site is beginning to turn up in a few search engine listings (!)

24th February 2001
Set up a link allowing site users access to 50MB of files storage for downloading, swapping files via SSL etc.  Main access via a link in The Parlour.

23rd February 2001

A sad tale indeed ... received an email from Wendy DeWitt reproduced below:

Greetings -

Wendy here, back with a sad tale. On Friday, Feb. 9, at about 8 p.m. some musical gear was taken out of a car in San Francisco's North Beach. Please forward this to everyone you know who has anything to do with the musical community.

Any info, please call 510/223-8499. Reward!!!


Gibson hollow body electric guitar. Double cutaway. Brown natural stain finish. See photo attached.

1971 Gibson ES 335 TD   Walnut finish, double round cutaway, semi-hollow bound body, arched maple top, f holes, raised layered black pickguard, maple back/sides, mahogany neck, 22 fret rosewood fingerboard, pearl dot inlays, tune-o-matic bridge/stop tailpiece, black peghead w/pearl crown, logo inlay

3 per side tuners (not original - Shallers)
nickle hardware
2 covered humbuckers
2 volume / 2 tone
3 position switch

Serial Number  641978

Small ATA Anvil type brief case. This is hard shell, has extruded aluminum edges and corners, and is black. There may be stickers on it indicating Wendy DeWitt, Wette Music, and inside on the top velcro closured document pouch, some type of band or backstage logo sticker.

Contents of brief case:

blue plaid cloth covered guitar cable with one angled end, one straight end
Quick release mic stand male and female ends
low to hi mic cord impedence adapter: female XLR, male 1/4"
Hammond volume pedal with custom Hammond female plug. My organ is almost useless with out this.
Roland volume pedal, no cord attached.
Stereo 1/4 inch cord for Roland volume pedal.
set lists in pouch, mic clip

maybe a couple of other little things. Most important is the Hammond volume pedal

The guitar has been reported missing to the San Francisco police, as of the date of the crime.
The briefcase was not noticed until yesterday, as I was out of town until then.

Your help is much appreciated. Please spread the word.

17th February 2001
Anticipating Cole Tate releasing a new CD in a few weeks, I started some editing of the Cole Tate Band page - in particular adding links to his German record company Taxim (pronounced Tax-eem!).  I'm nearly ready to start adding some significant RPG content, hoping to complete all my proposed initial game write-ups within a few more weeks.  To this end, I loaded my initial "Forgotten Realms" text here ...@

16th February 2001
Over the last few days, added more maps for levels 2 and 3 and corrected a link error (brought to my attention by a web-crawling robot of all things)

10th February 2001
Overall, made some minor cosmetic changes, added the DEMISE "spoiler page" to contain links to other sites and detailed thumbnailed dungeon maps eventually ( only 1st level added today as I was working out the best way to prepare the maps using my screen capture program).

3rd February 2001
Inspired by Tracy Nash, dedicated Demo-zen Extraordinaire, I took some screen-shots showing parts of the dungeon available only to those of us who buy the "Gold" version and spun them into a little picture book  ... @
( as usual, click on the thumbs to view the full pictures, and use your browser back button to return to the page).  Trace ~ when you get a chance, a couple of POY's would be appreciated :D !

1st February 2001
Expanded some of the DEMISE notices, covering the issues of character preservation when upgrading from the DEMO version to GOLD ... and sequence of patch application, which should be simple but isn't really.  The index for this section is here ... @

28th January 2001
Received a copy of an extraordinary picture by email (thank's Anne!) which for want of a better location is currently here ~ @

26th January 2001
Until I work out how to run it from my own site, Alexander Jean-Claude's excellent Java Pacman clone (with sound!!!) can be found by clicking on PacMan2 in "The Parlour" .... Once you have it running, you may want to download a certificate so the game has full functionality, you can do that here: @

25th January 2001
Added link to the Cork Board ~ Hotel Navarra, Brugge ... anyone who has a trip to Europe MUST visit Brugge ... and here's a great place to stay!  @

24th January 2001
Added page description of Willie Higinbotham's contribution to the history of computer games @
Added page for Art Gallery contributions @

4th December 2000
Added sound clips to Cole Tate page @

3rd December 2000
Finalized front page of "Music" set and sampled track of Wendy DeWitt with Eugene Huggins to play when the page is opened.  In view of need to keep file sizes down, used SUN *.au format.  Music page is found ... @

3rd November 2000
Set up website with domain name at bCentral, virtually no content at this point in time.


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