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15th May 2006
ews just in from Wendy DeWitt ....

Greetings from Paris -

Spring time in Paris is time for good music. Jean-Pierre Bertrand, 
renowned French boogie woogie artist (and more) is again producing 
his Les Nuits Jazz & Boogie Piano for three nights. So again I get to 
play with some of my favorites: Richie Loidl, who produces the hugely 
popular Shake the Lake (www.shakethelake.com) concerts in Austria, 
and of course Jean-Pierre Bertrand himself, respected for his 
excellent artistry, organizational abilities, and graciousness. Jean-
Pierre is one of the major European boogie artists and is known 
internationally as well and never stops moving. He has 10 albums out 
and constantly is performing solo or working with his group - i 
remember an excellent set at the famed Meridian Hotel near the Arc 
d'Triumphe from a couple of years ago.

Side note - didn't AlVon, the Bay Area's most charming blues artist, 
just head to Paris for the Meridian gig?

Okay, here's the calendar:

May 11, 12, 13
Les Nuits Jazz & Boogie Piano
Theatre de L'Europeen
Paris, France

May 23
North Beach, San Francisco
with Dave Workman Band

May 24
North Beach, San Francisco
Wendy DeWitt Blues Band

May 27
4 - 8
North Beach, San Francisco
with Dave Workman Band

June 1
J.J.'s Blues
3439 Stevens Creek Boulevard
San Jose

June 3
Saylor's Landing
Gate 5, Sausalito
solo with special guest

June 10
4 - 8
North Beach, San Francisco
with Dave Workman Band

June 15
Bad Albert's
Seattle, Washington

June 16/17
more info (venue names! to follow...

June 21
No Name Bar
Bridgeway downtown, Sausalito

June 24
Columbus, Ohio

June 25
Columbus Community Fest
with Dave Workman Band featuring Willie Pooch

Dave Workman Band and Wendy DeWitt are joining forces with a whole 
new band. You'll be seeing the gradual evolution over the summer with 
Wendy playing more and more Hammond organ. The solo boogie woogie and 
blues performances will not be affected by any of this.

Web site news: due to circumstances beyond my control the web site is 
unupdateable at this time. We're working on a new home for it and 
this problem will be fixed as soon as possible. The link for the 
calendar is not affected, since the calendar is actually on another 
site. It's good! So many cool photos, and info on the France shows we 
wanted to post! Coming soon...

See you at the shows. Thanks again for loving the music and sharing 
your good times with us.

Wendy DeWitt
Wette Music

20th April 2006
t's been too long in getting back to this page I know, but we have been busy with a number of web-related issues.  One of the companies that we have been proud to be an associate of has changed its affiliate program ~ and provided some new 'goodies' for us to play with.  Need parts for that computer?   Try the following search box ....

Search at TigerDirect.com:

11th January 2006
eceived an email from Ernst Dabel (Dabel Brothers Productions) about the upcoming Orson Scott Card books ... check out these links:


Newsarama.com forums

Pocket PC Magazine's 'Best Sites' Award - 29th May 2004


A potted history of BBC news ~ The BBC was founded in 1922 as the British Broadcasting Company by a consortium of private companies and then in 1927 it was changed to be an autonomous corporation run by a board of governors with four year terms appointed by the government of the day.  It ran the World's first regular high definition TV service from Alexandra Palace in 1936 but service was suspended during World War II.  As it is financed by sales of television licenses as well as income from sales of its vast stock of programming it remains essentially free of advertising and the censorship that goes along with that.  The BBC news  is regarded by many as one of the few broadcast sources with balanced reporting.  If you wish to learn more of the history of this institution or indeed just about any other subject under the Sun ~ visit Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

otes on the media links.  The BBC news is linked as it remains one of the few remaining balanced sources of world news followed closely by the CBC , the Canadian television and radio agency.  We admit there is a west coast bias to the newspaper links as we are located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It is not our intention to expand the list indefinitely, but if you have a source of balanced information anywhere in the world that you think deserves a spot here, then please feel free to email (address is at the bottom of the page).

Photograph of San Francisco Bay, copyright Richard Whitwell 2003

Fishing ~ view from Sausalito of a fishing fleet in San Francisco Bay






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