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Fiction by M.C. Beaton

Death of an Addict

Death of a Cad

Death of a Dentist

Death of a Dustman (Hardback)

Death of a Glutton

Eighth title in the Scottish mystery series, now a popular TV series, featuring the detective Hamish Macbeth. Maria's matchmaking business is blited by her partner. She has organised a secret gathering in Lochdubh, but Peta has still managed to find out about it. But who hates her interfering enough to kill her?

Death of a Gossip

Death of a Hussy

First of four titles published in 1996 to tie-in with the new  detective series "Hamish Macbeth". When wealthy Maggie Baird is killed in her car there are five prime suspects living in her house. Each had the perfect opportunity to tamper with her car, leaving Hamish with a difficult case to solve.

Death of a Macho Man

When Hamish Macbeth, local constable of the Scottish village of Lochdubh, tries to break up one of the many fights involving Randy Duggan, the ruffian challenges him to a fistfight. But on the chosen day, Duggan is found shot to death and Macbeth is rumored to be the likely suspect. Macbeth must find the murderer, clear his name, and restore his Highland paradise to its usual tranquility.

Death of a Nag

After his engagement is broken, Constable Hamish Macbeth is looking forward to rest and relaxation in the coastal town of Skay. But when he arrives at the somewhat dismal bed and breakfast, his fellow guests include the annoying Miss Gunnery, a London family, and Bob Harris, who so nags his wife that everyone wants to kill him. And then someone does.

Death of an Outsider

Death of a Perfect Wife

Death of a Prankster

Seventh book in the witty and well-crafted mystery series featuring the Scottish police constable. Hamish is prepared for a prank when practical joker Arthur Trent is reported dead. But he had really been stabbed, and his relations seem more concerned about the contents of the will. Macbeth's investigation is further complicated by the arrival of the Chief Inspector and an old flame. A second six-part TV series was due in Spring 1996.

Death of a  Scriptwriter

Death of a Snob

Second of four new TV-ties featuring Scotland's latest heart-throb, Hamish Macbeth. Six new sixty minute episodes were scheduled for March 1996. Hamish is offered a holiday on one of the islands, but the inhabitants are less than friendly. And when one of the health farm's residents is found dead at the foot of the cliff, his holiday is cut short.

Death of a Travelling Man

Hamish Macbeth's life is going to pot. He's been promoted, his boss is a dunce, and--to add insult to injury--a sinister self-proclaimed gypsy and his girlfriend have parked their rusty eyesore of a van in the village. When the unsavory newcomer is murdered, Hamish regrets it only because his bones tell him the killer may be one of his friends. Martin's Press.


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