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Turbine Entertainment Software was founded in 1994 and produced Asheron's Call for Microsoft and the SEGA dreamcast system.  The developer's website reached by the  link (above right) is an older record which has not been updated for several years - the most recent link is provided also (below right).

The game itself is one of the most successful Massive Multiplayer Roleplaying Games  of recent years.  AC2 has just finished its BETA phase and will be on the shelves by the end of November 2002.

As you may guess, you need at least a Multimedia PC with 333MHz processor or higher (at least a PIII) a good video card (8MB minimum!), internet connectivity and an active membership - monthly fees after the end of the trial period!


Dark Majesty

Turbine Then

Asheron's Guide

 Crossroads of Dereth

Asheron's Call

Loremasters of Asheron



Fallen Kings

Turbine Now

Strategy Guide







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