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Age of Empires an epic real-time strategy game from Ensemble Studios - information and links from Decklin's Domain
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There is little that can be said by this Dwarf to add or subtract from one of the most ingenius and beautifully artistic games that have ever appeared on the planet.

We have been known to brag that we did complete the original game - by ourselves - with no hints.  It did, however, take us an extremely long time.

As real life does get in the way of fun sometimes, we haven't played Exile ... but we may just skip that and try out Uru this holiday season.



From the creators of Myst and Riven, Uru: Ages Beyond Myst is the next chapter of the Myst franchise and the most immersive and ambitious Myst experience ever created. The single-player game will be bigger, better, and more innovative than any of the previous Myst adventures. Players can move at their own pace, spending hours discovering visually stunning, real-time 3D worlds, solving a large variety of mind-challenging puzzles, and following an epic storyline. Players can continue to discover new areas of D'ni by connecting to Uru Live, the online service of Uru. There, players will be part of an ever-expanding world that brings more areas to explore and more mysteries to solve. 




Age of Ages of Kehnith'ra
Age of Myst Online Magazine
Ages of Myst
(The) Ages of Myst
All Myst
Age Runner
AVEARA: A World Beyond Myst - Interactive Novel
Book Summaries
D'ni Daily News
D'ni Desk Reference
D'ni Guild of Linguists
D'ni Font
D'ni Jazz Club
D'niPedia / Writer's Ring
First Book of the Outsider
- Complete info on Myst series and D'ni
Guild of Discoverers
Guild of Healers
Hints, Myst & Riven
Kah'teh's Myst site
Link At Your Own Risk
Looriva - English Myst-like interactive site
Mudpie Obsession
Myst and Riven Illustrated
MYST Journals
Myst Library
MYST Reinterpreted
Myst, Riven, Exile, D'ni
Myst III
( The Official Page )
Myst Timeline
Mysteries of D'ni
MysteriumHouse Comics
realMyst Easter Egg Hunt, etc.
Rehlehna: Exploration, Enlightenment, Discovery
Riven Easter Eggs Revealed
Riven Journals Restored
Riven Illuminated
Riven UK
Sepdet's MYST
The Linkers Journal
The Library of Myst
The Worlds of the D'ni
Unofficial Hints & Walkthroughs
Unofficial Riven Homepage
Uru Obsession
(formerly Mudpie Obsession)
Writers of D'ni
Wryter's Fyre




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