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Decklin's Domain II is a server running DEMISE™ (full version 353)

In the Old Library, Decklin's Adventures in Dejenol    Part 1

"I'd seen this teleporter pad many times, and finally my curiosity got the better of me.  Casting a quick Magical Flight spell, I paused briefly to squash a couple of annoying Floor Slimes then stepped across the abyss ..."

Domain200002.jpg (53796 bytes)

"Barely recovering from the green flash and the disorienting, gut-wrenching effects of the teleport, I found myself staring at a bookshelf full of arcane works.  I had scarce time to blink before I was attacked by two screaming Diviners ..."

"They were easy to dispatch.  I turned to look North and could see the far off glint of a teleport at the end of a long room which .. Domain200004.jpg (54022 bytes) was lined with books.  A door to the West attracted my attention.  I stepped through, prepared, and surprised the occupant.  The battle over swiftly, I headed for a large chest."
"Having cleared the southern chamber, I moved on through the next door to the west.  This chamber was also part of the old library.  I gave no quarter to its occupant either.  Sheathing my sword, I ... Domain200005.jpg (56258 bytes)

looked at the staircase to the South.  It was true!!  The seals were broken ... the barrier lifted! I could go on..

"More Diviners attempted to block my descent and I was met by three Magicians once I reached the foot of the stairs.  They were stronger than the opposition I had faced before, but I succeeded in driving them off.  I gazed in awe at the central chamber of the old Domain200006.jpg (48217 bytes) Domain200007.jpg (58741 bytes)
library.  Two bridges, each with teleports and spinners, were now revealed below the level that had been sealed off earlier.  I randomly headed towards the 'port on my right ... straight into the giant maw of a Red Dragon.  The beasts were immense, more than twice the size of the pseudo dragons I was used to in the upper chambers."  Domain200008.jpg (67403 bytes)
Domain200009.jpg (67210 bytes) "It was a furious fight, I eventually overcame the first of the three giant beasts, and turned to take on the second.  I ducked and parried, feeling the scorching blast of more than one breath attack, then saw an opportunity as the beast raised its head and briefly exposed its belly to my sword.  The third beast fled as it saw its comrades fall."
Domain200010.jpg (65456 bytes) Domain200011.jpg (44186 bytes) "I moved a few rooms west, dealing with some lesser critters, and had time to realize from the dank, pervasive, fetid odour and moisture oozing through the walls to the south, that perhaps I was near the Swamp so many had tried to find before ..."
"I startled a Horda Giant, he was peaced at first, but I could not be sure he was alone.  I moved carefully in this vast chamber ..." Domain200013.jpg (46680 bytes) "I could hear the scuttling of insects, Drey Spiders watching from a distance, the boundaries of the chamber were unseen in the distance behind the swirling mists.  I heard too, the buzzing of what  ..."
"I would later learn were Grael Mosquitoes.  At every step my feet sank in the foul mud, and unseen creatures slithered away as I approached.  Further south I stopped at quicksand and looked in awe at Domain200014.jpg (51965 bytes) massive stone ramparts and a winding path that crossed this giant swamp.  I saw too, the distant glow of teleports."
"I was thankful that I had not stepped on any Extinguish squares, as I realized that it was only Magical Flight that was saving me from harm as I stepped over the quicksand.  I rose to take a closer look at some of the ancient teleports.  They showed no sign of recent use." Domain200015.jpg (49475 bytes) Domain200016.jpg (58714 bytes)
"I wandered somewhat aimlessly till I saw yet another stone massive rising from the swamp floor amongst the aged and gnarled tree- trunks that somehow survived in this awful place.  A flight of slimy steps led up from the ground and then I saw as I circled warily that another 'port was placed on top." Domain200017.jpg (51163 bytes)
Domain200018.jpg (51057 bytes)

"I approached carefully, noting what looked like an ancient key half hidden by a leather pouch near the platform.  I continued on for perhaps half an hour and then, finding no obvious way out, decided to cast Displacement by an Eastern wall.  A fatal error as, not having watched my hit points, I was immediately attacked by yet another Red Dragon!

Domain200019.jpg (70632 bytes)


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