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The Party Massacre, Decklin's Adventures in Dejenol    Part 2

Start_8Apr01.jpg (79150 bytes)

"It seemed like a great idea at the time!  Invite a few friends over for a harmless little portaiture in the relative safety of the SE hall on level three.  In fact, scouting around after clearing out a few pockets of vermin on the route down from the lobby was but a simple task I'd done hundreds of times before!  The room looked bright and ideal."

"I suppose on reflection, it was my preoccupation with the advanced technocrancy spells I was preparing.  The arcane and unfamiliar equipment that I had borrowed to allow myself to appear in the two parallel demise universes at the same time, was occupying most of my attention as the first guests arrived ...." IDONT_8Apr01.jpg (75233 bytes)
"Heh!  'Nice Group' I said, thinking inwardly 'Jeez! That looks awfully like the Mother of All Serpents' ... little did I know!   I handed round the petit-fours and bade my guests make themselves at home ... "
IDONT2_8Apr01.jpg (72358 bytes) IDONT3_8Apr01.jpg (76061 bytes) Sheltem1_8Apr01.jpg (75544 bytes) Sheltem2_8Apr01.jpg (79737 bytes) Stapper1_8Apr01.jpg (75045 bytes) Stapper2_8Apr01.jpg (82098 bytes)

IDONTCARE, Sheltem and stapper were the first visitors and are seen here eyeing IDONTCARE's companions with a great deal of trepidation...  A short while later they are joined by CrunchyLPL!

Stapper3_8Apr01.jpg (81948 bytes) OverHd1_8Apr01.jpg (82196 bytes) Crunchy1_8Apr01.jpg (83236 bytes) Crunchy2_8Apr01.jpg (85048 bytes) Crunchy3_8Apr01.jpg (83828 bytes) OverHd2_8Apr01.jpg (75110 bytes)
Crunchy4_8Apr01.jpg (80403 bytes) "What say you? Parallel Demise universes? Well - I do not fully understand the revelations my new found technocrancy skill is providing but do I believe there are many, many similar universes err, at least two! In the one I have seen, our dungeons have been sealed below level five with a powerful barrier that I have as yet, no means to remove." Snake1_8Apr01.jpg (83099 bytes)
"Through 'Technocrancy' I have been able to prove the existence of two universes by participating in both at the same time.  It is an art fairly lacking in precision as you shall soon hear however.  I have named the one 'Lesser Dejenol', as its denizens are somewhat lacking in 'depth'"   Statue1_8Apr01.jpg (80030 bytes) Flying1_8Apr01.jpg (74353 bytes)
Flying2_8Apr01.jpg (74789 bytes) Dogg1_8Apr01.jpg (76923 bytes) "I was distracted, barely paying attention, as in Lesser Dejenol I met Dogg, the keeper of the key to the master server ... so, he too holds the secrets of technocrancy!  I spoke with him earnestly and he agreed to port over to meet with guests and share some mead &conversation."
Dogg2_8Apr01.jpg (80913 bytes) "Returning my attentions to my guests, I proceeded to cast many image transfixation spells, to preserve the moment in those lifelike friezes that you see about you, and many like CrunchyLPL! cast flight spells and posed around the statue of the Dragon King.  I should have known ..." Dogg3_8Apr01.jpg (81499 bytes)
Dogg4_8Apr01.jpg (78746 bytes) Dogg5_8Apr01.jpg (79272 bytes) Dogg6_8Apr01.jpg (78014 bytes) Snake2_8Apr01.jpg (81123 bytes) Dogg7_8Apr01.jpg (81855 bytes) Rumble1_8Apr01.jpg (82797 bytes)

Some people have absolutely NO control over their pets!  If I ever hold a soirée like this ever again I shall demand that the pets remain outside and not be brought into the hall.  Have you any idea of the mess I had to clear up after this?

Rumble2_8Apr01.jpg (75996 bytes) Rumble3_8Apr01.jpg (79182 bytes) Finale_8Apr01.jpg (79098 bytes) Attacked1_8Apr01.jpg (81239 bytes) Attacked2_8Apr01.jpg (73060 bytes) Attacked3_8Apr01.jpg (45901 bytes)
".. the peace would not last.  As Dogg, Noss, Bitch, Brother Wolf and Raistlin arrived, Sheltem's companion was spooked - by what we shall never know - and he lashed out in anger at his erstwhile master.  Swords were drawn, and without further warning the Mother of All Serpents reared up and cast her fearsome spells, her tail scattering the guests in confusion.  The fighting was furious as magics were cast  in all directions.  My grasp of the situation was lost and I found myself thrown to Lesser Dejenol.  I fought to return, aware that Noss, dear Noss, was lying mortally wounded ..."
Attacked4_8Apr01.jpg (52136 bytes) "Back I came - to chaos, now CrunchyLPL! lay dead on the steps to level two.  The Serpent reared in my direction, her tail lashing as she lunged towards my shields.  A chime! A flash of unexpected power as the technocrancy ward was triggered and I was hurled into limbo." Attacked5_8Apr01.jpg (81469 bytes)
"Alas, in the confusion I was able to capture scarce evidence of the fracas.  I offer above left,  the strange unexplained symbol - a kind of glazed rectangular plate - which briefly flared as I was protected from certain death. And right, a glimpse of a strange control panel whose origins can scarce be guessed.  But still, the evidence from Lesser Dejenol, and the powers of Dogg, can not be denied.  Through all of this we learned one thing however, when times get tough, Brother Wolf goes shopping!"

Crunchy8Apr.jpg (70388 bytes)  CrunchyLPL! Revived   

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