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Gigs ~

August 8th 2003 ~ The "Leo Birthday Bash"
at the Sweetwater, Mill Valley 9:00pm
Also appearing - Borderline & Special guests.

November 16th special appearance with The Lonely Hearts
at Rancho Nicasio, Town Square, Nicasio
Music starts: 8:30 pm

September 27th at The Seafood Peddlar, San Rafael 
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

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CD's ~

3  6  12

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CD Single "Maryjane Blues"

1. (C. Tate and Jerry B)
2. (C. Tate)
3. (C. Tate)

1  2  3

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CD "Junkyard Moon"

  1.  Junkyard Moon (C. Tate)
  2.  Nothin' Left to Lose (C. Tate)
  3.  Talkin' Bout A Revolution (T. Chapman)
  4.  Somehow You'll Know (C. Tate)
  5.  Take it on Home (C. Tate)
  6.  Swallowed by the Cracks (D. Baerwald & D. Ricketts)
  7.  Back Porch Serenade (C. Tate)
  8.  Sin City (C. Tate)
  9.  The Razor's Edge (C. Tate)
 10. A Love So Strong (C. Tate)
 11. The Day After Tomorrow (C. Tate)
 12. Changes (C. Tate)

2  8  10

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Photographs ~

Gigs   CDs   Photos   Biography         Top

Biography ~

Whether it's in performance or production, on stage or in the studio, expect professionalism from guitarist/singer/songwriter Cole ... in solo performance or with his full band.   Originally from Colorado, Cole Tate is well known in the Bay Area.  Touring periodically with Shannon Morrisson ( Yes!  Daughter of the famous Van ) Cole is working on his fourth CD.  Last year, on returning from his second European tour , visiting Germany and Italy, Cole released his third CD.    "Songs from the Wild World" is a solo acoustic album which offers some of his favorite songs.  Cole appears with the well-known Lonely Hearts Band on November 16th at Rancho Nicasio.  

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Photographs of Cole Tate by Lifesignsphoto reproduced with permission.


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