The Bar With No Name

Not long after arriving in the Bay Area I found a number of places where live music of all kinds could be heard.  Most have been associated with music for  many years, among those are Sweetwater, Mill Valley and Cafe Amsterdam in Fairfax.  The first place I found was The Bar With No Name in Sausalito.  On Bridgeway, just across from the ferry terminal, the "No Name" has music five nights a week.  I met all the musicians featured here for the first time at the "No Name" and have since heard them play many times at different venues.  They are all professional musicians and I have the greatest respect for their dedication to their art.  

No Name
757 Bridgeway

(415) 332 1392

Cole Tate
Elaine Dempsey
Eugene Huggins
Noelle Hampton
Wendy DeWitt

Playing ... "What Do You Want" by Wendy DeWitt and Blue Saloon

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