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Welcome to Gifts for Her from the Emporium at Decklin's Domain.
From time to time we will offer some novel suggestions in case you want to try something a little different from the norm so here are five suggestions:

1. Does she read a lot?  Does she have a favourite author?  Find those missing volumes in the series from Advanced Book Exchange ...

North America ...



UK and Europe ...

Author Abebooks

2.  Does your friend like music ?  Does she have a favourite artist?  You may surprise her with a rare and unusual item such as a limited release record or CD, a limited issue Concert poster or other memorabilia.  The major worldwide company that specializes in all those 'hard to find' items is also one of our affiliates ...

3. Gourmet food is a treat that may please ~ most of us are so busy we don't have time for the finer things in life ...

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4. Jewellery is always popular, and sometimes you just can't find the right thing in the stores.  We'd be interested in hearing from you what you'd like to see us add to our site, you may contact us at any time via ...

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5. Not to be forgotten is the delight in being surprised by an unexpected  trip abroad arranged at the last minute!   Here's a convenient place to arrange an out-of-the-ordinary gift ...



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