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APPLEs for The Teacher !!
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Apple® certainly takes education very seriously, as the banners on this page and the news bulletins we've reproduced from the Education portion of the Apple Store attest.

Like many computer game players, Decklin has had more than his fair share of IBM® PC clones, starting with an Amstrad® with a 20MB hard drive and followed by a succession of home-built systems ~ all based on Intel® chips and various Microsoft® operating systems.

No, we aren't in the process of 'Switching' yet ... but the latest line-ups from Apple have been impressive enough to catch our attention!  Here then is our hearty endorsement ... check these systems out if you're a teacher or a student, the discounts are such that there's real value for money here.

Apple at T+L Conference:
Apple demonstrated its commitment to helping students excel by showcasing Mac OS X, the new Curriculum Mobile Labs, PowerSchool, and Henrico County Public School’s technology initiative.

iBooks for $899 for Education Institutions:
Apple now offers 5-packs of iBooks for qualifying education institutions at a new low price starting at $899 per iBook.

Switch easy:
Move2Mac transfers files from your PC to your new Macintosh and puts everything just where you need it. Includes software for both your PC and Mac and special USB cable.


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