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Welcome to the The Emporium's Home & Garden pages with our selection of well-known and perhaps 'not-so-familiar' on-line stores.  As our websites cover a greater area than many stores, if the particular store only ships within a restricted area (for example the continental USA, or the U.K. or Europe only),  on the stores' link page you will see us gradually introducing a standard header for each store which will show any shipping restriction we have learned of - simply move your mouse pointer over the flag symbol and the text message will appear.  In addition, some of our pages will have different content for different regions and you may easily click back and forth between our International, Australian, Canadian, U.S or U.K pages by using the flag icons which will appear to the right of the title at the top of the page.

Categories are set out as follows ~

  • Auto - from America's foremost specialty auto-restoration store to a source for all kinds of accessories for your contemporary car, as well as sources to finance and purchase used and new vehicles
  • Home - fabrics, crafts, gizmos & gadgets, appliances (such as water heaters),  floor and wall coverings including parquet, linoleum, rugs and carpets ~
  • Garden - bulbs, trees and plants, outdoor items such as weather-vanes, weather instruments, wind chimes, outdoor pool services, landscaping and other specialty merchandise ~
  • Real Estate - Mortgage and loan companies, real estate companies ... a sign of the times that there is such a market for foreclosures these days ~
  • Tools & Supplies - regular home or smallholding tools and supplies, anything to do with automobiles including restoration and more than a nod to recreational vehicles ~

Over the next few days we will be opening  feature pages for the following stores ~

Auto Home Garden Real Estate Tools & Supplies



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Endless Pools

Craft supplies - needlepoint, quilting and more from

Low Energy Systems - The Future is Here!  It's Tankless !!!  Click for more ...



Historic Tree



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Smooth 7.1 Folding Treadmill
FREE Heart Rate Control

For Sale $1,499
(Includes Shipping
  • Power Folding Feature
  • Large 20" x 54" surface
  • Powerful 2.5 HP Motor
  • 10 year motor warranty

Refinance your home!

In the category of home appliances, if you are interested in economy, you should think about tankless water heaters.  Conventional large storage tanks for your hot water system are often not well insulated and consequently lose heat which wastes electricity or gas.  Tankless water heaters on the other hand, heat the water you need almost instantaneously and therefore you only pay for exactly what you use.  If you are doing any renovation work that gives you the opportunity, check what's available at
Low Energy Systems, founded in 1977.

Here's an example from their catalog ...

Infinion with Battery Spark Ignition - similar to the AquaStar 125X Tankless Gas Water Heater Infinion with Battery Spark Ignition - similar to the AquaStar 125X Tankless Gas Water Heater

Introducing the Infinion. You'll enjoy constant comfort, conservation and peace of mind with tankless water heating, at a cost you can easily afford.

Endless, invigorating showers. Soothing Jacuzzi baths. Fresh clean clothes, load after load. With the tankless Infinion, you get an endless supply of hot water. Quite simply, endless comfort. Finally, you can really afford tankless comfort. You'll find the Infinion cost competitive with conventional tank heaters. You can forget about all the limitations of storage tank heaters.

Safe, sufficient hot water. Protect all your loved ones with safe water temperatures. Have peace of mind that you'll enjoy abundant hot water without risking scalding hot temperatures. Attempting to provide enough hot water, conventional tank heaters are often set at dangerously high temperatures. Children are especially at risk. Take care by letting an Infinion provide plenty of hot water at temperatures safe for the whole family.

You get a range of safe, comfortable water heating with dual temperature and capacity controls. The Infinion is carefully engineered, using quality materials but without unnecessary bells and whistles. You get ninety years of tankless water heater experience in the Infinion design. Take advantage of excellent performance in a simple package.

Tankless heaters conserve both energy and space. The Infinion's competitive cost means your investment really pays off. You'll reap real returns while doing the right thing for our environment and energy reserves.


Minimum Input Capacity: 42,000 Btu/hr
Maximum Input Capacity: 70,000 - 105,000 Btu/hr
Gas Supply Pressure: 8" wc NG, 14" wc LP
Gas Connection: 1/2" Male NPT
Minimum Water Flow Rate: 0.66 Gal/Min
Water Pressure: 2.9 PSI Min - 150 PSI Max
Water Connections: 1/2"
Shipping Weight: 37 lbs
Ignition: Battery Spark

Availability: Usually ships the next business day.

C13Epad $474.00padSpecial Internet Price: $469.00padGas:


Wind and Weather


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