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From the left, the Champion Ratcatcher "Eclipse" ...

Eclipse (Clipsie) - born June/July 1998 Amherstburg, OntarioTiger - tiny farm cat from Campbellville, Ontario & huge son Kitt KattSmokey Joe - born Glasgow, Scotland 1974 , died Amherstburg, Ontario 1989Kitt Katt - Big, Soft, Cuddly Lump that he was :)Unknown Raccoon, 2000 ad  Mill Valley, California

... then KittKatt & Tiger, Smokey Joe, "KittKatt with Catnip" then ... wait a minute ... that's not a cat???
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If you half close your eyes - you will see a picture of a wolf to the right of Clipsie's shoulders Can you see the wolf in the cat?      This is Boris!
Look at the bill ~ he's not even my cat!!
picture of Boris the stray cat arrrgh! Vet's Bill

           killerpussy.jpg (36922 bytes)  This picture of Killer Kitty arrived via email ~ 
If anyone knows who actually owns the picture please email so I can attribute it!
Below is Tabatha ~ who recently acquired us.

She insists on staying --- so what should we do?


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