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If you know of a cool fan-site associated with any of the games we feature here - please, please, please drop us an email.  If you've got a walkthrough or a review you've written feel free to send it to us!  No guarantees (we retain diabolically personal editorial control) but if we like what you send we'll add it.

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January ~ Thorgal the Red
February ~ Josh

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Check out DEMISE™ (watch out for long term addiction problems though) ~ Download the demo "here".

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Just because it was the old Bard's Tale, Might & Magic and Wizardry titles that got us interested in Role Playing Games for the PC doesn't mean we entirely ignored the consoles either.  After all, we rented Final Fantasy II for the Nintendo for almost two months in a row as I recall (but that was sometime in the last century!).   Today we're showing some samples of current offerings and we'll have more listed over the next week or two ... GameCube above, PlayStation 2 right and Xbox below. BALDUR'S GATE DARK ALLIANCE

Harry Potter on Playstation 2

... here's one of the Xbox offerings (there's a rumour the product is in and shipping.)

Harry Potter on PC Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Color

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