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Click the graphic below to go to the new official home of Demise: Rise of the Ku'Tan

Demise: Rise of the Ku'Tan, originally published by Artifact Entertainment in 2000 is now available only from Decklin's Domain
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DEMISE™ is a Role Playing Game (RPG) developed by David Allen, currently of Pharaoh Productions, formerly of Artifact Entertainment L.L.C. and VBDesigns, Seattle.   Over three years in making, with unusual levels of input from players of the various 'beta' releases,  Mordor 2  became Mordor 2: Darkness Awakening then morphed into Infinite Worlds during a brief alliance with Black Isle Studios (of Baldur's Gate fame) before finally becoming DEMISE: Rise of The Ku'Tan which went gold in early 2000 ( with significant patches released later that year).  There is a loyal core of die-hard fans of this game, some of whom still have and play the original Mordor 1 .  The demo DEMISE game is extremely playable, containing the first five dungeon levels ( the full version has 30 +) and respective quests.  Samples of these games are available on a very low-cost CD and archived records of the early Artifact Entertainment bulletin boards are available at our  archives site.

As we have learned more of the fascinating history of this game we have found that the original single player game Mordor 1 is largely based on an earlier UNIX MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) called AVATAR dating from the early 1980's and which is still being played today.

The DEMISE game can be played as a 'stand-alone' single player RPG (up to 4 characters in your party) or in multi-player mode over the internet or on a local network.   It also includes its own server, so you can very easily set up to play with a group of your friends on a home net or via dial-up or other means of network connection.  Depending on the speed of your connections to the Internet, and the speed of your PC, you can set the server to allow up to a maximum of 16 player characters.  Of course, as you are hosting the game server, there are no monthly charges for players to worry about!!   Decklin runs the Demise Master Server (which allows players to check how many servers are running at any given time and what the current addresses are), a Mordor 2 multi-player server, the long-running DEMISE™ demo server Decklin's Domain I* and full-version servers  Decklin's Domain II* and Decklin's Domain III ... more or less 24/7 !

The servers marked with an asterisk reflect the ORIGINAL DEMISE game at the 1.00 r3 build 353 level.  If you would like to purchase the full version game on CD with manual and a companion CD with the patches, instructions and some shareware goodies for US $29.95 plus shipping you would be most welcome ...
CLICK HERE  for details.

Decklin's Domain I is a multi user server for the limited demo version of the game,
Decklin's Domain II  is a full version game server for the r353 build of version 1.00
Decklin's Domain III is a full version game server for the current version 1.03


Decklin's Domain I ~ a server running DEMISE™ (demo)

What follows here is a guide to setting up for your first multiplayer game assuming you've gleaned all kinds of good info from the A-E site, downloaded the demo, have just installed it and you are ready for some action!

To speed up the page loading, most of the graphics on this page are 'thumbs' ... to see the full-sized screen shots, just click on the 'thumb' and close the new window when you're finished.  

Player1.jpg (52011 bytes) Player2.jpg (57265 bytes) Player3.jpg (95098 bytes) Player4.jpg (95832 bytes)

On the left is the splash screen you see as the game begins to load ... next,  you see the welcome banner with your familiar cursor in its "waiting" state.  Click on OK (2nd picture) and then you will see the main menu (3rd picture).  On the right is a screenshot which shows the Multiplayer menu item highlighted ... when clicked you will  see the multiplayer setup screen ... shown below.

However ~ the usual "first step" is to create your character, so select Character Manager  from the main screen.  Here you will choose your character's name (Carefully! It cannot be changed later), race (which affects the alignment and guild choices you will have), sex (only affects the way others see you in the dungeon), alignment (good - neutral -evil), guild class and portrait.   In starting out it is often a good idea to try a few different practice characters but follow this rule ... always make sure Intelligence and Wisdom are at least 10 points each.  During the game the most frequent (and least expensive) method of raising your stats is by reading Tomes and without those minimum Intelligence and Wisdom stats your character will not be able to understand the lessons contained in the books and will not advance.  Often you will only have a few guilds to choose from and the traditional path is to start as an Artisan, build up to beyond level 20 and then join another guild such as Explorer or Thief.  Almost certainly you will eventually belong to four or five guilds and keep the levels more or less balanced.  Once you're done creating your character, click Finish to return to the main menu.

When you click Multiplayer for the first time you will be asked for your Player Name and a Password.  If you trust your siblings, parents, better half or significant other(s) leave the password field blank but remember the Player Name is how "you" the grand puppet-master will appear to others in the game.  Decklin is both a "player name" and a "character name".  You may meet Decklin or Misanthrope or Sylvan or Warlock Lord if you join a game while Decklin (the player) is "on-line".   OK ... you're past that now, and you are looking at a largely blank screen (below,left).

Of course, this being the first run there are no server addresses  to choose from. ...  there will usually be a Master Server running so click on Set Server (top left) and enter then [OK].  Once this is done, if you click on Query you will see a list of servers that are currently operating.  The demo is version "r2", you will likely see more 'full version' servers "r3" than demo ones.  Whether or not the Master Server is active, the IP address of the server that you wish to connect to may also be entered manually:

Player5.jpg (71639 bytes) Player6.jpg (71648 bytes) Player8.jpg (73533 bytes) Player16.jpg (117621 bytes)

So we will look now at what's required to set up for Decklin's Domain.  

Click on New (top right) and simply type in the IP address and port i.e. .  Add it to the list ... highlight it (don't forget this step) and click on Connect and you'll be on your way - well, you'll see some data and a changing 'ping' reference but what now?  Well - bottom right hand corner where it says Exit it really means "Back to the main menu".  From here once you have created a multi-player character, click on "Play" ... and you will find yourself in the town of Dejenol!  After several seconds, if you tap the [Enter] key, you'll see a single vertical line cursor appear in the dialog box near the lower right corner.  Type what you want to say to the other players followed by [Enter] again ... and you're on your way!  Note - in the demo version , the chat system sometimes locks  up.  If that happens when you are in town, simply visit the Guild Hall or The Store etc and return to the main square.  When you do that, the chat feature will be re-enabled.  In the dungeon if you fall mysteriously silent, click once on the dungeon view of the screen to revive the feature!


Decklin's Domain I ~ a server running DEMISE™ (demo)

For interest, here's what the server side configuration table looks like ...

(Note, the Bound Address field should contain YOUR I.P. Address ~ The Connect Address field should contain YOUR I.P. Address plus the port number [26000 is the default] and the Bound Port field just the port number.  The Master Server may change from time to time so check Decklin's Domain Forums or the official Demise Forums if you can't find it!)

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