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   We can't ignore the biggest engine of them all ....



    The "good old days" for search engines have all but gone.  In the old days, search engines had reasonable integrity and would prepare listings honestly and indiscriminately by tirelessly searching the world-wide-web and providing the results for users.  Unfortunately things have changed and most of the major search facilities you will find on the web are providing 'selective' listings with sites that have paid to be included in prominent view.

   The more we pay, the more likely we'll be seen !!

DirPedia.com - combining a dictionary, an encyclopedia and a web directory

    Decklin's Domain is no exception, we would have almost no exposure if we didn't subscribe to a few pay-per-click services such as Yahoo! Search ( This was Overture), Enhance ( Formerly Ah-Ha), 7Search, Kanoodle, MIVA ( former FindWhat ), eSpotting and others from time to time.  Some or all of these companies provide their data to other well-known portals that you will recognize such as MSN, AOL, Excite, Google and so on.  The situation is really confusing to user and webdesigner alike, in fact several people have made careers out of the art of website optimization for search engines.


    Here then are links and a limited collection of search boxes we placed at the bottom of this page for your use ... AltaVista (sadly) is no more ... Kanoodle, Overture for general searching, PlacesToStay for finding hotels are just a start ... and immediately below this paragraph we are pleased to present a link to Decklin's Dirty Dozen ~ lists of commercial websites organized in various categories ~ but overshadowing them all is the star of the piece ...

AllSearchEngines.Com  --This handy website lists all the major internet search engines, specialized (topic) search engines and web directories. There are categories for finding images, news, jobs, people, businesses and many other popular subjects.

Decklin's Dirty Dozen

"Search The Planet"

Is the title of this page, so when I found a link that actually did that - I absolutely had to add it!  Of course, its limited to hotels and romantic hide-a-ways (nudge nudge, wink wink) so if its something else you want you'll just have to travel South to the other search links added below ...

Click on the map to find a hotel

The one search engine I use regularly is Altavista ~ there are NO affiliate links attached to this box and I do not hesitate to recommend you use it.  The search boxes below Altavista are all from 'pay-per-click' services ...

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Overture Search the Web.

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