Audiobooks on CD in MP3 file format


by Beatrix Potter (Peter Rabbit),
narrated by Catherine Byers

Peter Rabbit

The stories of Peter Rabbit are a delightful legacy and few of us have not had some or all in our early book collection.  Complementing the recording we offer is a special collection (link below).  This handsome edition brings all of Beatrix Potter's 23 tales and verses together in one book. Each story is complete and unabridged, and all the original illustrations, both color and black-and-white, are included. Potter's tales were often connected with real people, places and animals, so each story has a brief introductory note about its history. As an added bonus, The Complete Tales also includes four other works by Potter, which remained unpublished in her lifetime

Peter Rabbit & other stories by Beatrix Potter are available  from Barnes & Noble ...
Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter
Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter

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