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by Margorie Williams
(The Velveteen Rabbit)

The Velveteen Rabbit

There was once a velveteen rabbit,
and in the beginning he was really splendid.

"Real" is a magical word to the Velveteen Rabbit -- he doesn't know quite what it means. But the Skin Horse, who is old and wise, knows, and he shares the secret: Being Real means being loved.

Margery Williams's classic story of how a boy's love transforms a velveteen rabbit into a real one has resonated in the hearts of children for decades.  Shown below is Lou Fancher's adaptation of this storybook for a younger audience, and it has been brilliantly illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher. Here is a feast for both eye and ear -- the perfect book for any child who cherishes a stuffed animal -- and believes in magic.


The Velveteen Rabbit is also available on paperback from barnes & Noble ...
Velveteen Rabbit
Velveteen Rabbit

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